This is fantastic! I absolutely love it. It sounds like it's a great match for their renter profile. Thanks for sharing, Brent!

Thank you for this thoughtful piece, David. It is so important, especially today when valued team members are hard to find and hard to hang on to. I wonder if you'd be willing to share some of the interview questions that help you determine if a

Thanks, Brittney! I've definitely found that if you're able to craft an intriguing question, people are eager to share their thoughts! Thanks for weighing in.

I love how you asked a fun question in order to receive such valuable feedback and pick out the trends from the teams! I have been reading lately about the importance of asking questions, but, seeing it done this way, and the result of such valuable

Recently I asked the members of a multifamily Facebook group this question: “If you won the lottery tomorrow and decided not to work anymore, what would you miss MOST and LEAST about your current job?” Nearly 100 people weig ...

YES! I read this story earlier this week with horror! Who could possibly think that's a good idea? And what makes it perhaps even more criminal is that project is located in beautiful, scenic Santa Barbara. I can't understand this!!

Thanks for the recap, Dom! I love this bit: “Everyone can’t be telling the same lie”. Yep, when customers all say the same thing -- believe it!

I love this! Such an important topic that often is overlooked!

The work-related puzzle that fascinates me most is how multifamily leaders and supervisors can make their workplaces work well for the teams they lead. What does it take to turn work from drudgery to satisfying? How can managers create a workplace ...

Are you short staffed? (Who isn’t, right?) Don’t think about this just as a staffing problem. Consider approaching it as a marketing and sales problem. Here’s what I mean. To fill ...