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I have more than fifteen years of full time experience in fast paced construction management and estimating, as well as an abundance of earlier actual hands on experience in the building trades. I have experience in both residential and commercial construction in every phase from permits, demolition, site work, framing to pre-title, and customer care service. I have worked closely in the past with architects, engineers, builders, code officials, and public utility supervisors. I possess the ability to review and understand complex construction drawings. I have excellent planning and organizational skills, strong interpersonal skills, and excellent PC skills. I am able to multitask and adapt to changing situations.

In addition to my construction savvy, my recent years of employment as Head Estimator at Northeastern Building Supply and Somerville Lumber Company have been spent managing the estimating departments, preparing accurate material lists, Engineered Wood beam sizing, engineered wood layouts, and other services for budgeting and construction of everything from single and multi-family residences to multi story commercial buildings, mixed use buildings, restorations, and fit-outs. This has provided me with an extensive working knowledge of the latest building practices, construction methods, and most modern building supplies. I am proficient in Javelin and Forte design software by Weyerhaeuser, and PreBuilt ML on screen estimating software as well as MsWord and Excel.

Whether it be Captain of my High School and college soccer teams or President of my college Fraternity I have always been perceived as a leader and team player. I can assure you that I possess the knowledge, vigor, and enthusiasm for joining or leading a management team and applying my knowledge and experience toward successfully completing projects in any stage from inception through finish.
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