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  • Rent Collector created a new topic ' Another Online Ratings Discussion' in the forum.
    So, A bad review comes in and our policies are to respond professionally to these negative reviews. Enter owner : Just ignore it. There is no evidence to suggest responding to these posts have any effect on marketing and occupancy. I would consider doing so if there were any evidence showing that responding will effect my bottom line. However there is not and if there is please provide me with some. :huh: Now, logic would tell you that its not a good thing to have all these bad reviews posted. One of our current residents even posted a positive review. It was quickly torn apart in the comments section by a former resident that was evicted claiming Management posted the favorable review and we had not. This of course convinced the owner further. I feel he has a valid point in his case because we certainly have not had occupancy or traffic issues. Averaging 98% YTD on qa 300+ unit MF community. So with that said we would still like to comment on these reviews but do not have any data to support our position. It's easy to say its not a good thing but not easy to proove it with data. Does anyone know of any studies on this that would support the need to respond? Or any data that supports downward trends with traffic / leasing / occupancy? Cheers!
    kunena.post 1846 days ago
  • Rent Collector replied to the topic Re:Move Out Charges in the forums.
    We out source cleaning & repairs when there are larger charges involved. There is too much subjectivity involved in determining what things "
    wall 2210 days ago
  • Rent Collector replied to the topic Re:The *Gasp* Uncooperative Resident in the forums.
    Good deal! Sounds like a Win Win to me! Everyone hates a vacant unit but sometimes it is for the better.
    wall 2210 days ago
  • Rent Collector replied to the topic Re:Rock, I'd Like You To Meet Hard Place in the forums.
    Really???? If I am a prospect and see religious symbols of any kind, mind you I am atheist, your display tells me that you are preferential to a sp
    wall 2210 days ago
  • Rent Collector replied to the topic Re:Tapas Bars in the forums.
    Love Tapas!!!! Problem is you spend twice as much as you usually would because they entice you into trying everything and it does not take much of
    wall 2210 days ago
  • Rent Collector replied to the topic Re:Gift bag ideas needed! in the forums.
    The gift bags are a good idea and for the costs you could provide some chocolates, card, and perhaps some sort of promotional gift such as bottle open
    wall 2211 days ago