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Love serving in the multifamily industry. While for all of us there is some $$, a job, a career, or just something to do, at the end of each day, there are people that call their apartment "home" and we work to care for them.
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  • Tuesday, 24 February 2009 02:43
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  • Mr. Garcia,
    Having been in multi family for 17 years as a VP, and now in consulting, I would love to have a 5 minute chat with you sometime. There is nothing more important to me than meeting with successful leaders in the industry, learning from them, and having a new contact for support, friendship and business.
    Hope you have a great day and to hear from you soon.
    David W. Dodson
    profile 1973 days ago
  • As a Seth Godin disciple myself, I only wish that the industry was flooded with these type of folk. From personal experience, I can tell you that there are certainly a few management companies that have the skill at picking these type of people. Mo
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Good, thoughtful post. Trust there is no real commercial affiliation with the named vendor, and just a sincere appreciation for a service that has drawn disproportionately postive results. The post does beg the question that Craigslist is without c
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Wish I had something more sophisticated to add other than fantastic post. Everyone should read this (and most of your stuff). Interestingly enough, I am on a conference call right now with one of my clients (BuildingLink) and the conversation is li
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Very simple---get a lead tracking program/platform up and running ASAP! Use technology that makes the information as close to perfect as possible. Platforms such as Dynamic Lead Solutions, Lead Tracking Solutions, or others will allow you to have as
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Nice blog--though it would help if we knew what area.
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • You are a great writer and a great thinker. As you may know, this is my passion, for as a salesperson, answering the phone/request of a prospect is the fastest way to revenue. Do you know that I personally performed a secret shop of your company's
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Amy, I have a similar story--albeit a baseball one. I was a Little League coach some years ago. Had a kid that was so unruly, the league kicked him out, and then come draft time, no coach wanted him, AND, they all made sure that he was last in the
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • This is a fantastic post!! Keep this up. If you need some suggestions for people to talk to, feel free to buzz me. I love this.
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • If you have visited as many properties as I have as a vendor, you would know that this is rather typical. It happens for many reasons, but the main one is the old adage--you get what you pay for. When you consider what management companies want to
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Bill--you do a great job of getting into some great subjects. Keep up the good work. The key is lead follow up. And Bill, in Feb of 2008, I performed a secret shop of your company's portfolio and tracked the agents that followed up. (Happy news f
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Bill,This is a phenomenal post!!! What are you doing in IT, come to the "dark side" and be a vendor. This is clearly what it takes to succeed in our space. Patient persistence and genuine care. On a funky side note--Circuit City made a decision to
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Robert Garcia posted a comment on Going Mobile
    Great article.Dana, could you post an example of a property that has mobile done right? Would love to see what it looks like.
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Wish I could be clever here, for I am a real fan of horse racing (print of Secretariat has graced my home for 20 years--I love people/animals with big hearts) and would love to come up with names for various horses/types of horses and juxtapose them
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Having personally shopped over 7,250 communities, I can tell you that a 30% response rate is better than average. (Sad, but true.)The fact is that leasing staff ususally do not have the tools to follow up on every lead. And, senior management seems
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • This is one of the easiest challenges to fix in our industry. Among other solutions, Dynamic Lead Solutions provides a platform where very little is left to chance with regard to exactly where the lead has come from and/or making the leasing staff b
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Robert Garcia posted a comment on The Agony of Defeat
    As I look at the 20 $20 cards that hit my desk for my son's baseball team, this really hit a nerve. Almost every year, I end up buying at least $100 of the cards and throw them in the trash. I literally walked in tonight, determined to have my son
    easyblog 2332 days ago
  • Lisa,In Seth Godin's soon to be released book, Linchpin, he talks about how our reptilian brain keeps us from doing things that we perceive may do us harm (rejection). I would recommend you read it, for I know it will be something that you will reco
    easyblog 2332 days ago
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  • Robert Garcia posted a comment regarding The CraigsList Cold War
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  • Robert Garcia replied to the topic Re:Follow Ups in the forums.
    This is easy...get a product like Dynamic Lead Solutions or Lead Tracking Solutions....they really make it easy and fool proof to make sure that all l
    wall 2541 days ago
  • Laura,

    Called your old property...see you are not there anymore. You have an impressive background. If you need help in finding another property/opportunity, just give me a buzz. I am the DC BuildingLink fellow, and when we talked in the past, you were professional and polite.
    profile 2595 days ago
  • Robert Garcia replied to the topic Re:Is your marketing based on stories? in the forums.
    Duncan, I am a story-telling salesperson. It is one of the #1 reasons for my success. When I start to work for a vendor client, one of the very f
    wall 2667 days ago