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Skydiving, sports cars, chess, site seeing, multifamily Industry, and history
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Provide services to management companies and owners that want to improve their:

1. MRO and ROI.
2. Leadership/management skills
3. Conflict resolution
4. Customer Service
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  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'Apartment Maintenance Vendors' in the forum.
    If you are a member of your local apartment association, I would start there by talking to them. Then if you have a state apartment association go to them. Then you have the National Apartment Association. I would always start with them first in that order as they can give you who may all ready be...
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    kunena.post 1101 days ago
  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'Dividing Maintenance Hours Between 3 Properties' in the forum.
    Paul, it is interesting that you should bring up ride alongs because I used to do this at different times. It is interesting the things you find out (good, bad, and the did not know) during these periods. When I started this it really improved the performance. I had a point system for my maintenance...
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    kunena.post 1101 days ago
  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'Serious Problem with Unauthorized Occupants!' in the forum.
    I would talk with the local law enforcement and see if there was a way to get them to come to your area and patrol a little more often. Normally the people living there know who the drug folks are and can tip the local authorities and maybe they can make their presence known and if they are around a...
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    kunena.post 1175 days ago
  • On January 01, 2016 the open carry law goes into affect in Texas. If the communities want to restrict open carry, they must have a sign posted. The sign must be at least 33" x 33" with 1" block lettering. Aluminum signs can be ordered star ...
    easyblog 1210 days ago
  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'OPEN CARRY _ TEXAS EFFECTIVE JAN 1, 2016' in the forum.
    It should also be noted that there are guidelines for the sign as for as size of letter and the wording that has to be on the sign in English and Spanish for Texas. The sign should be at least 30" x 30" and the lettering in 1" block lettering. You can get these in aluminum, plastic, and...
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    kunena.post 1210 days ago
  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'Greenlight a Vet' in the forum.
    This is a time to get the management involved and show support. Now where there are legitimate safety concerns of course you want to address them if lighting is going to cause injury of any kind as safety is a factor. So what I am trying to say is be patriotic and at the same time ensure there are...
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    kunena.post 1210 days ago
  • Mine is a fairly simple story of being in the military family housing as a resident, starwell coordinator, building coordinator, area coordinator, and later as a Sergeant Major in a community housing for the Base Support Battalion.

    Housing soldiers in family and single housing units. For those that...
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    kunena.post 1210 days ago
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  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'Have We Been Invaded by the Body Snatchers?' in the forum.
    Sandy, I am taking a wild swing in the dark here and more than likely dead wrong, but what I would look at is that somewhere in that properties management history, there was a threat made by a tenant and the management acted. The word gets around that nothing happens until you threaten and then...
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    kunena.post 1365 days ago
  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'What A Mess!!!' in the forum.
    I go to the root of the problem and that is allowing the maintenance person to collect money. Now I want to place in a; however, if the maintenance person is wearing more than just the maintenance hat and is also involved in the management portion of dealing with the termination and acquiring new...
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    kunena.post 1365 days ago
  • Nate Thomas replied to the topic 'Rodent issue' in the forum.
    Funny as it may seem I learned about rodents while serving in the military. Having to be in many different environments you learn how to combat these little jokers. In the desert, I used peanut butter. But lets get to this issue:

    1. You need to have it identified what kind of mice you have as...
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    kunena.post 1385 days ago