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Beyond Excited to share that I'm the newest member of the MFI team! Hi, I'm Lilah and I'm the Social Insider here at MFI! I can't wait to connect with you

Brent Williams We are so excited to have you on the team, Lilah Poltz! 3 weeks ago

I thought the exact same thing Kara! Feedback is so hard to hear but when we really listen it truly makes us better. Great recap Dom!

Thanks for the recap, Dom! I love this bit: “Everyone can’t be telling the same lie”. Yep, when customers all say the same thing -- believe it!

I particularly enjoyed the Cameo vid featuring Napoleon Dynamite!

It was a fantastic conference. Really enjoyed seeing "new" people (and old friends) out and about all day and night. Lots of info about "influencer" and "celebrity" marketing, including fun things to do with Cameo.

Having your point of view is so valuable Ibby especially regarding the reframe from "looky lou" to high intent, qualified lead!

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