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Terri engages individuals and teams to breakthrough challenges, succeed wildly and achieve results. This directly translates to greater self-trust, confidence, proactive actions, and team engagement.
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Leadership & management coaching, individual performance improvement through engagement, accountability & personal responsibility, team building & leasing systems.
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  • Thanks Brooke! Yes it IS this simple and yet not always easy. Here's what is even more amazing...the name of this program 'Motivational Accountability' actually came from the Service Managers when I was delivering an accountability session to them.
    komento 1932 days ago
  • Terri Norvell added a new comment in You Can Count on Me
    Righto! Communicating expectations is huge...and how else can we expect someone to be accountable if they don't know to what? This is a good reminder for all of us...and reminds me of a conversation I had last night with my 18 yr old son. It's time
    komento 1968 days ago
  • Robert...please do attached the card you received. Proof of concept is often a strong motivator for people! Good job!
    komento 1989 days ago
  • HI Robert, What a great idea to share here! This tactic is sure to be noticed and keep you at the top of the 'next time' file. Sounds like you speak from experience. Thanks~
    komento 1991 days ago
  • Rommel, so well said! I too have found this to be my Truth. I'm happy that our paths have crossed on the journey.
    komento 2016 days ago
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  • Thanks Lori! You always provide resources that are so helpful. This win-win tool will assist with insights to help make important changes to our sites. Very cool!
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • @Elysa,Yep! I've found that most people forget to do this. I have one associate who excels at asking questions. She is so good that it's noticeable. And interestingly she is well respected and rarely makes a wrong judgment or comment. She takes the t
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • I have a message written on the white board in my office. It reads, ‘ask a question before answering.’This is such an important action step that I want to remind myself everyday. Maybe you are like me in that ...
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • @Amy, Great epiphany! Thanks for sharing as this situation is so prevalent within too many organizations. I, too, have found that looking within has helped me in many situations! Terri
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • We talk so often about the need to 'create value' in our apartments and community. This can also be called reinforcing the 'perception of value'. With the fluctuation in rental rates as wild as the stock market, it's essential that our residents s ...
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Terri Norvell posted a comment on Social Media A Fad?
    @Ryan Great testimonial to the effects of social media. What a nice feeling to be recognized already! Welcome to the industry. You'll find that most are very helpful and nice! Terri
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Terri Norvell posted a comment on Social Media A Fad?
    @Lisa, Yes! I remember those comments. Oh how we progress...sometimes with heels dug in. One of my favorite concepts is Forward Focus. There's a reason the windshield of a car is substantially larger than the rear view mirrors! Terri
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Terri Norvell posted a comment on Social Media A Fad?
    @Mark, Great first step ideas. As many firms are run by those who have no experience with these tools it's going to be a process. I also think some success case studies and statistics will assist with an open mindedness to explore these newer tools.
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Terri Norvell posted a comment on Social Media A Fad?
    @Mark Good point! And just like life...it's a journey. Terri
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Terri Norvell created new blog post Social Media A Fad? in MyBlog
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Great comments! I agree Lisa, this paradox of 'be personal yet don't take biz personally' is one of the toughest parts of being a true professional in our industry. I like the philosophy of 'think like a business owner' which means take pride in you
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Recently I asked a group of onsite property managers to answer the question: What does 'business is personal but don't take it personally' mean to you? Their responses are interesting and on target.  Before you read on... what’s your inter ...
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Rose, I like Charity's comments, too. And it sounds like you are taking the proactive steps. Tough reality in our biz that there will be some people who only 'want what they want when they want it' and will put their integrity to the way side! Best a
    easyblog 2305 days ago
  • Hey All, Great conversation and comments. Wishing this new reality with aptratings was different, ignoring it or wanting to 'beat it' will not make it go away. The opportunities lay working with the site...both it's strengths & weaknesses...to the be
    easyblog 2305 days ago