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  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Dining room table, or a kitchen island?' in the forum.
    We do 100% urban mid-high rise and hardly have any floor plans with space for dining room tables... and no one objects.
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    kunena.post 3 days ago
  • Vince,

    We've found the 1:100 ratio to be realistic. But of course each situation is a bit different. Our properties are still less than 10 years old, and our techs do not paint, but they do take acre of all appliance repairs. They do about 40% of HVAC repairs, and accompany a contractor on the...
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    kunena.post 32 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Budgeting Software' in the forum.

    What management software do you use?

    You'll want to make sure any solution you decide on will fully integrate with the software platform you are already using. Otherwise you'll end up making double entries to generate budget to actual comparisons, year-to-date numbers, etc.
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    kunena.post 32 days ago
  • friends Larry C. Bonner and Matt Clark are now friends
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Cap rental increase' in the forum.

    We don't cap rental increases based on length of residency. Our renewal pricing is all based on market conditions, although we keep renewals just slightly below the market rate. That way we can assure renewing residents that they are receiving a discount, and it helps keep turnover...
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    kunena.post 171 days ago
  • Hi Kate,

    I've worked pet friendly properties for a number of years, and have tried it all. For us, the reality is that no grass is going to survive near the exit of the building. When a dog has been inside all day/night and walks out the door, it is going to go straight for the first patch of...
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    kunena.post 175 days ago
  • Kate, I think a lot of these replies contain good info, and I think there is an additional element that is very important: it's imperative that you and the staff accurately set parking expectations for new incoming residents. If there will be times when they have to walk a distance, or even if...
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    kunena.post 192 days ago
  • Hi Bernadette,

    I've found the educational opportunities offered by the National Apartment Association to be helpful. Your state affiliate is the Texas Apartment Association:

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    kunena.post 200 days ago
  • Caitlin, all of our apartments are within access-controlled buildings where a locksmith can't even get access to the apartment door. So, our managers handle lockout calls after verifying photo ID and comparing it to active Lessees in the management software. We charge a $50.00 fee that the...
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    kunena.post 335 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Age' in the forum.
    Larry, I don't know how others would feel, but I wouldn't give it a second thought. Your age has no bearing on how you'll perform, it's your ability to connect with people (both in person and digitally) that matters!
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    kunena.post 346 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Lease contract' in the forum.
    Alba, I think the person who told you that was misinformed. When a lease (or other contract) is signed, that is the date of execution, upon which the agreement becomes binding. The commencement date is when the rights afforded by the contract actually begin, and it is often a different date.

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    kunena.post 362 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'How to accurately pay a make ready housekeeper' in the forum.

    We pay a set base rate that is determined by the number of bedrooms, and the contractor bills additional amounts if the apartment is excessively dirty. Then we charge the departing resident the amount of any additional cleaning fees.
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    kunena.post 406 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'On Call Incentives??' in the forum.
    Hi Chris,

    We pay an "On Call" fee for each rotation that a given employee is on call. It helps to offset the headache of always having the phone in reach, and the disturbance of making a phone call at inopportune times like you described.

    We also pay a minimum amount of overtime (I think it's two...
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    kunena.post 406 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Sound transfer between floors' in the forum.
    Rather than Gypcrete on the floor above, we use these products on the ceiling below:

    -Resilient channel: www.clarkdietrich.com/products/sound-rat...ient-channel-systems

    -Sound reducing gypsum board: www.quietrock.com/

    -Blown cellulose insulation:...
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    kunena.post 412 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Reliable Two-Way radios for maintenance team?' in the forum.
    You might check with local communications companies; rental of professional grade portable radios might be cheaper than you'd expect. The upside is that they handle all maintenance, batteries, etc., and the portable radios are far more powerful than consumer grade radios.
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    kunena.post 412 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'New appliance log' in the forum.
    Hi Christen,

    Which software platform are you using for management? Many platforms have several note fields in unit setup that allow you to attach a note to each specific unit. This would be a good place to record the date of replacement, and then in the future you can run a report that lists that...
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    kunena.post 412 days ago
  • The only long term solution I've found is to install a camera and issue fines.
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    kunena.post 720 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Serious Problem with Unauthorized Occupants!' in the forum.
    Since you've evicted 12 households since August, it sounds to me like you're already doing what you need to do. Keep on strictly enforcing every element of the lease and things will settle down. It sure makes a bumpy road in the meantime, but once you've turned the corner with having more...
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    kunena.post 1183 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Painting Contractors' in the forum.
    To me, the highest priority is dependability. Even if the best painter in town worked at the cheapest price, I wouldn't use him if he wasn't dependable. In order to turn a unit quickly everyone must stay on schedule.
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    kunena.post 1186 days ago
  • Matt Clark replied to the topic 'Expendables...' in the forum.
    Our company requires techs to provide the skillset, good attitude, and safe practices. The company supplies tools and expendables. And of course we hold them accountable for responsible use of tools/expendables, but we believe they should not have to supply their own.
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    kunena.post 1245 days ago