Apartment Marketing FUN with Foursquare! Are you playing?

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Apartment Marketing FUN with Foursquare! Are you playing?
Wednesday, 29 September 2010
Apartment Marketing FUN with Foursquare! Are you playing?

Apartment Marketing FUN with Foursquare! Are you playing? - Description

Foursquare's gorilla marketing has turned geotagging into marketing juice for local businesses. More than 3 million people have become active players on Foursquare, with over 20% pushing their "check ins" to their Facebook page and Twitter accounts. This is one of the most powerful "local" social media tools available. This group is here to discuss idea for how to use this tool in apartment marketing.
  • Sorry if this is off the wall, but do any of you guys know if there is a way to scan a QR tag into a phone that will check you into a Foursquare location? We have he window cling at our community, but I thought it would be really cool to have a QR code to scan. Many people see the QR codes and scan them out of curiosity.
    groups.wall 3067 days ago
  • If you do not have WIFI - you can play by setting up an account online and text in your check ins. I was having trouble with my cell phone WIFI and just did my first successful text check in. 50500 - then @FOX Sports Box Terminal E!

    First go to the settings page on Foursquare's website and enter your phone number there and set your city. You should then be able to start checking into locations in your area.

    Then, you can check-in by texting to 50500 (Foursquare's SMS shortcode). Check-in by texting the venue name like this: FOX Sports Box Terminal E

    Note that text check-ins usually need to match the venue name exactly as it appears on Foursquare's website to check-in properly.
    groups.wall 3079 days ago
  • I'm glad to welcome David Kotowski to our group. I am naming him our "Mayor" and will help guide the conversation and give advice on how to best use Foursquare. David has been an active participant and contributor to Multifamily Insiders from almost day one (many of you probably already know him). He has almost 10 years of experience in our industry and his knowledge and first-hand experience using different social media like Foursquare and Yelp make him a great resource. Earlier this year he was the guest moderator for the discussion about Foursquare on #AptChat and he continues to be the "go-to" person for answers on how to best use this new technology.
    groups.wall 3081 days ago
  • How should we organize other Foursquare businesses?

    I was just at my favorite restaurant (where I am the Mayor) and the waitress had not idea that her restaurant is on Foursquare. How can we create a "active" foursquare zone by communicating with local business. We have a clubhouse - could be hold at "Foursquare Town Hall" meeting. We could even invite Foursquare player to come and talk about what they would like to see more or less of!

    What do you think?
    groups.wall 3093 days ago
Friday, 31 December 2010 by David Kotowski

New Year's Eve/Day Foursquare BadgeTonight while you're out celebrating New Year's Eve, make sure you check-in on Foursquare to unlock the uber-cool, limited edition New Year's Eve/Day badge. You'll unlock it simply by checking in anywhere between 8:00 PM NYE - 4:00 AM NYD.


I hope everyone has a safe and fun night. See you in 2011!


You can get more information on the Foursquare Atlanta blog.

Thursday, 28 October 2010 by David Kotowski
Friday, 15 October 2010 by David Kotowski
I think the issue might be with how it was originally tagged. "Home" was the most obvious choice until recently when they actually added "Apartment Building/Condo Complex" as an option. Now all "Home" venues are locked and cannot be edited. Also, the address does not display. Many community set-up their accounts and many had "Home" as one of the tags. If that is one of your tags, you might try flagging it as misidentified. When they remove the "Home" tag you should be able to edit it again.
Great Ideas Shawn! I would love to have a telephone call with you if you have time to share a few ideas that I am wanting to test. I love this product - I am hooked! Thanks for joining the group! Toni PS I am now the Mayor of "Good-Bye Texas" YEAH!!!
How do you have that much energy without strong coffee, Toni?? :) I guzzle the stuff and can't even come close!
My clients are working with very specific local businesses on this, and they're targeting the tech-savvy crowd. Very few people are on Foursquare yet, so you need to find businesses that are open to trying new ideas, even if they won't see immediate returns. Except in very large cities, I haven't seen many businesses that are marketing through any of the location-based services yet. It's still very early, but I think there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate these services into community outreach programs.