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Engaging Today's Distracted Consumer

Engaging Today's Distracted Consumer

Given the rapid advances in recent technology, the modern apartment search relies heavily on digital mobility and connectivity. Today's consumer can search for their perfect apartment from their phones, tablets, or computers, just to name a few. The vast resources available today provide the ability to personalize their search through an integrated use of multiple mediums. The popularity of social media, ratings and reviews, mobile and video should influence business professionals to adapt to the new consumer. 

p">Gone are the days when flyers and yard signs attracted the majority of renters. Why spend a weekend driving around neighborhoods of interest when they have apartment shopping at their fingertips? Did you know that 90% of consumers rely on internet listing services, while 48% use mobile applications? <p">One's evaluation of an apartment relies on the quality of published content. Today’s ephemeral consumer relies heavily on visuals to gather information. In fact, photographs serve as the main resource for 80% of consumers when apartment shopping. High-quality photographs are visually appealing and attract renters to further research an potential place to live, especially when showcasing featured amenities.

What else entices these consumers? Location! It's a key player when it comes to narrowing down the search for an apartment. Location-based searches give consumers the ability to accommodate individual preferences, such as specific neighborhoods or school districts. In fact, 69% view location as a major factor in the decision-making process.

In a world where the consumer’s search for an apartment crosses the path of multiple mediums and is constantly evolving with new technology, keeping up becomes more and more difficult every day. Delving into the possibilities surrounding mobile, social and video, allows today's industry to more effectively reach and engage with rent-ready prospects.

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