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Pick a box...any box...

Resident Social Media meets Outreach Marketing

Pick a box…Do you like me? Yes, No or Maybe.  Remember when getting important information was as easy as passing a note in gym class, checking a box and passing it back?  It still is!  The beauty of the internet and social media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) allows us to find out all kinds of pertinent information on our current residents and potential new residents too!  This is a perfect marketing marriage!  This strategy, much like this post, is quick and easy to apply.

As they friend and like your community, become a fan or follow you, you can delve into their interests, their likes, where they spend their time and the activities they enjoy – viola!  Almost an instant resident/prospect target market survey.   This will streamline your outreach marketing efforts for your community!  You will know the locations where your residents go; which restaurants, entertainment venues, parks, etc.  It will provide you with both resident knowledge to aid in resident retention and help in creating a great effective outreach marketing outline! 

This information is only valuable if we get it and use it.  Kind of like watching that workout video from the couch…just sitting there doesn’t do much!  So, it’s easier than ever, to work smarter, not harder!  Use the fantastic social media tools at your fingertips to enhance your knowledge about your target market, simplify your market research and implement a successful outreach marketing plan for your community!

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from the Free Online Dictionary: "streamline - contour economically or efficiently". Use of the social media is actually fun and can be done at any old time. (If you are passionate about your work, and I believe all of us in this industry are, you will be thinking about ways to improve your job, your company, your workspace after hours, right?) Seek out those who may be a little more "au fait"(being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge) with how to exploit these wonderful tools. In my business, in a very short time, I have many many new friends, learned many new things, and met many new prospective clients, just by doing a little homework. Today, in fact, I was able to find a new prospect in an important target market for me because: the company was referred to on Twitter, so I went to their web site, where it suggested I follow them on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, I identified the person I would most likely want to reach, but only her first name and second initial was shown. I then went back to the web site and, voila!! Under the "Contact Us" tab, there was the person's full name, phone number, and email address. That took all of about 2 minutes. Happy to discuss further with anyone.

  Charles Fiori

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