Copy That: Creating Emails That Tell Your Story and Drive Prospect Action


Webinar presented by Kristi Fickert

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Email isn't sexy, but it's one of the few items in our leasing toolbox that has remained consistent over the years. And, when managed creatively and effectively, it can exponentially drive more appointments and close more leases at an incredibly low marketing cost. But given the average renter receives 121 emails every day, how can you stand out in their inbox and in the marketplace? By challenging the status quo.

Instead of using the same copy+paste template that's been circulating for years, we'll review the approach today's most effective salespeople use to write compelling copy (bonus: it's not time consuming, either). Learn (and see!) the hacks that will turn ghostings into showings. We'll cover greetings, closings and details that will help you actually earn a prospect conversation. Watch as we markup standard multifamily email copy examples, turning them into more substantial messaging that sparks curiosity - and a response.

When you do something a little different, you can dramatically change the outcome - for the better!

  • Make Your Emails More Valuable
    Learn about 3 "value adds" you can add to your email messages to make them more valuable to your prospect (and more likely to be opened and read!)
  • Discover What NOT To Say
    Discover the one thing you should never say in an email (to keep from getting ghosted)
  • Words and Phrases To Immediately Incorporate
    Return to your leasing office with a list of words and phrases to start immediately incorporating into your leasing email communications, plus a list of questions to ask at the close of every email
  • Strengthen Your Subject Lines
    Identify clever subject lines, "words that sell", calls to action (that get prospects taking action) and phrases to incorporate into your messages for maximum impact
  • Add Your Own Personality
    How to add your own personality to every email you send and stop using self-sabotaging phrases

BONUS: All attendees will receive a one-page "anatomy of an email" guide to keep on their desks for easy reference

Join Kristi Fickert and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Up your Email Game!

About Kristi Fickert
Kristi Fickert
About Kristi Fickert
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Comments for this event:
Sherri Adams says
Kristi is an excellent presenter and the information was thoughtful. When you think you can't learn anything more about writing/sending email, you do!
Christina Simms says
The book ""Words that sell"" was a great recommendation.
A lot of great refresher information too.
Cindy Hart says
I answer a lot of leasing emails for our company. You have given me so much info to make them better.
Michelle Skemp says
Easy to follow. Lots of actionable advice. Good energy.
Grisel Borrero says
I like the way Kristi explained the information in an easy way to understand providing many examples.
Amber Valley says
Over all probably one of the most informational resources we can use, email. Thank You for the tips, hints, and assistance that will help in communication with prospects via the internet.
Donje Putnam says
Honestly, it's so action packed, I'd love additional Q&A time. Kristi always BRINGS IT!
Claire Collins says
Kristi always provides smart techniques that can be implemented immediately for greater success in leasing.
Clarisa James says
Kristi did a great job of breaking down all components of the email!
Wendy Rhines says
Concrete examples and facts.
Jeanene Steinberg says
A lot of information
Christianna Pedley says
Innovative ideas!
Bryana DaSilva says
Love bringing creativity to emails! The header, context sentences and your closing sentences are crucial in standing out from the other communities our prospects are in touch with
Gary Gregory says
Valuable insight and email tools that I can start using today. Great presentation.

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