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More Tenants, Less Effort: 5 Ways an AI Leasing Assistant Increases Conversions

No longer a far-fetched concept reserved to sci-fi movie plots, artificial intelligence is now an indispensable tool in your prospects’ daily routines. Think about it: Chances are you’ve posed a question or two to your favorite AI assistant today, whether that’s Google, Siri, Alexa, or else. Maybe you needed directions to a meeting, store hours for the nearest pharmacy, or a rundown of your calendar appointments — and you had no time or desire to read through a website, call customer support, or click through a handful of dashboards. You wanted answers in seconds, and AI delivered it. 

Likewise, the tenants you’re trying to attract have a serious digital addiction and craving for instant answers. It’s why AI leasing assistants are no-brainers in delivering measurable improvements in conversions, engagement, and revenue.  


Below are five ways an AI Leasing Assistant will bring more tenants to your properties:

1. Satisfy consumers’ craving for easy self-service and instant gratification

Today’s consumers expect the same ease, immediacy, and anytime/anywhere access they enjoy from online retailers and media platforms. Fail to deliver those experiences and they’ll jump ship to a more responsive website, sinking your profits. Astute multifamily property marketers understand that to remain relevant and profitable, they must compete on the battlefield of user experiences, often measured against the ease and speed of Siri or Google. AI Leasing Assistants make that possible.


Speaking of speed and ease, todays’ consumers also don’t want to talk to a sales rep until they’ve completed some basic research, narrowed their choices, and feel comfortable enough to reach out to a human. An AI Leasing Assistant bridges that gap, providing immediate support with none of the pressure of a sales pitch, building rapport until your prospect is ready to engage in person. 

2. Bo
ok tours while you sleep with 24/7 support

The folks you’re trying to reach are busy. Between work, Julie’s dance class and Jimmy’s soccer practice, they’re often browsing your website late at night, during holidays, or other times when your staff is unavailable. You want to deliver support when prospect interest is high and questions are fresh. 


If prospects have to wait and call you during business hours, there’s a fair chance they’ll forget, lose interest, or find answers from a competitor in the meantime. That waiting game is sales kryptonite!

Thankfully, it’s a non-issue if you have an AI Assistant that can personalize support instantly and ‘round the clock.

3. Warm up leads with automated follow-up

An AI Leasing Assistant is so much more than an oracle on your website. Think of it as a concierge, following up with prospects via their preferred mode of communication, incorporating their preferences, learning and fine-tuning its messaging with every interaction. 

Unlike rule-based chatbots, which are limited to an inflexible script, natural language AI chatbots can actually carry a conversation and deliver that warm, personalized touch we more readily associate with humans than robots. They’re also smart enough to know when to hold back so prospects never feel spammed or overwhelmed.

Just as valuable, your AI Leasing Assistant connects with your CRM to capture valuable prospect intel. By the time your sales team connects with that prospect, they’ll be able to have a more compelling conversation that builds on earlier AI interactions.


4. Improve staff satisfaction, retention and results

Ideally, your staff should be focused on high-impact activities like building relationships with high-potential prospects or applying data to identify hidden gaps and opportunities. The reality is that most leasing agents are bogged down by repetitive tasks like answering the same basic questions over and over…

AI can take those time-sucking tasks off their shoulders so agents can operate more efficiently, with less stress or wasteful delays.

Multifamily property managers we’ve worked with report they’ve been able to free up 10–12 per week as the AI leasing assistant tackles 70% of routine inquiries. As a result, they’ve experienced a 200–400% boost in leads, and up to 50% increase in tours and lead-to-tour conversions. The same is possible for your team!

Being able to deliver these outcomes at a fraction of the time and effort is a huge morale booster for your team, and significant market advantage.

5. Actionable data for better decisions, higher conversions

As your AI Leasing Assistant nurtures leads, it also captures 3–5X more data points than you’d typically have with conventional methods. 

That rich data capture translates into two big benefits: 

  • Armed with deep prospect intel, your leasing agents can personalize their approach for more relevant, winsome interactions.
  • You can identify trends, blind spots or opportunities you would have missed otherwise. You can then make adjustments to remove sources of friction.


Take a moment to think about your most aggressive revenue goals. What would be possible with an AI Leasing Assistant? How much sooner might you be able to meet those goals? 

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