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Lori Valenti Webb

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Where the pets play!

Where the pets play!

The picture attached is of my Milo.  He and his brother, Beckham, are like my children.  I would do anything for them, really- almost anything, and I'm not alone.  We are seeing, more & more, how much pets are truly becoming a part of the family.  If I was looking for an apartment, my search would start with my boys having a great quality of life.  Yes, pet searches are one of the top searches that renters look up, but they are also exploring a lot more- what's in it for the pet?  How can we create a pet paradise in our apartments?

1. Dog parks are so important.  Pets need a place to run, exercise, play and socialize.  If you have a pet park, market it.  Take your park a step further, add some agility pieces.  This is inexpensive to do, a see-saw like bridge, a tunnel to run through...  add some colorful elements to get more pets having fun at the park.

2. Happy Hour in the Dog park.  Everyone loves to watch their pets run around and have fun, while playing with other pets.  Everyone loves a drink!  Combine the 2 for a fun hour at the park.

3. Offer some pet services on the property.  Dog walkers, pet sitters, pet mobile grooming- have these services for your residents for their convenience and busy schedules.

4. Host fun Pet Meet ups at the pet park!  Or a pet walking Meet up...  Give people the time and place to meet with other pet parents, and they will come...

5. Organize a Pet-Adopt-a-thon.  Lots of beautiful pets need homes.  We have a great forum to organize an adoption event.  Think about waiving pet fees for anyone that adopts at your event.

6. Add pets to your community's video.  Show fun pet footage of Milo running around and enjoying the property!

7. Map out pet walking trails in your area and create a cool, pet brochure that shows the great proximity.  That is something that people would like to pick up at the Vets office, not just a typical property flyer.

8. Check out some of Brent's posts with pet furniture from IKEA...go hook up your clubhouse!

Have fun, Love Animals!!!

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Lori, could not agree with this more.

One of the best rehabs we ever did - in terms of its success - was with a B/C class asset in TX.

Actual rehab was largely cosmetic, but the real home run was that we took a crappy, unused dead space between buildings and built a dog park. The dogpark cost less than $20,000 in total improvements, but we were able to achieve a 35% increase in rent rate and added 17% occupancy. We marketed to families and pet owners with great success, focusing on amenities that those demographic groups get a lot of value from. It was a great investment.

  Chris Zimmerman
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Chris, if you are ever interested, we would love to see a case study-style blog about the update and marketing of the community!

  Brent Williams
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Thanks for the shout-out, Lori, and I love your list!

  Brent Williams

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