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What is the Value of a Departing Resident?

This is meant to be a conversational blog post, so please chime in with your thoughts in the comments below! When a resident decides to turn in their notice to vacate, does that mean they suddenly don’t have any value to their community?  For most communities, once they receive that NTV, that resident isn’t really a primary concern anymore, as they fall through the cracks between the status of a prospect who needs to be sold, and a resident who needs to be retained.  But even though they are moving out, they are still a dedicated audience, and my question to you is this:  Are you getting any residual value from that relationship? I met someone about two weeks ago who worked in the home buying sector, where his company helped home buyers get a discounted rate for their real estate agent.  Although we are not in the exact same space, our industries deal with the same clients, just at different points in their timelines.  Oftentimes, our residents become their prospects, so the question came up about whether multifamily properties, who had received a notice to vacate, could actually be a referral source.  For many of us, the idea doesn’t sound quite right – it’s like breaking up with someone and then introducing your ex to a future boyfriend/girlfriend.  Although we would like to feel we are all mature adults, the idea doesn’t necessarily sit well.  But if we could get away from that feeling and look at things in a completely ......
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