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5 Ways to Create a Great Move-Out Experience

5 Ways to Create a Great Move-Out Experience
It can all fall apart in the end.   An apartment community may have a great relationship with a resident and provide that person with a truly outstanding living experience. But if the resident encounters a rocky move-out, it can completely sour their feelings about the community and lead to angry online reviews and feedback.   Things certainly don't have to turn out that way. Below are some tips for creating a positive move-out experience for your residents:   • Set expectations about the security deposit – or eliminate it altogether. Anger about the small amount of their security deposit refund (or anger about getting no refund at all) is a common sentiment in online reviews, just ask your onsite teams.   Because of the tension refunds can create at move-out and because of the various administrative hassles associated with managing deposits, more and more apartment communities are making a fundamental shift in operations and  eliminating security deposits.   If that route doesn’t feel right for your company at this moment, you should at least work hard to manage residents' expectations about their refund. Give them some sense, both when they're paying the deposit and again when they're nearing move-out, of what the average refund looks like at your community. Explain the reasons why charges are typically deducted from a refund. Provide a checklist of the steps a resident needs to take to maximize their chances of getting a sizable refund.   • Communicate, communicate, communicate. This one would seem to go with......
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How Satisfied Am I? Do You Care?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Meritage-view.jpgCall me a glutton for punishment or call me someone dedicated to her line of work.  Either way, I got a little curious about the outside survey world and decided to respond to every single survey requested of me for about 60 days. In all, my experiment lasted from December 2012 through the first week of February 2013. I wanted to see: Would I ever win any of those drawings most companies use as incentives to complete their survey? How many companies would respond to my completion of their survey? Over the course of those two months, I faithfully stored up my receipts for grocery stores, drugstores, drive-thru’s, department stores, and the post office. And each evening I would follow the instructions on those receipts to go online and complete those surveys. I clicked on survey links for hotel stays, flights, online purchases, and website opinion surveys and let them know what I thought.  I even answered a few phone surveys (as painful as they were) regarding local radio stations and my banking experience. All told, I completed over 60 surveys. February passed, and each day I would trot along to the mailbox hoping for an announcement of my winning at least ONE of the drawings I had supposedly been entered in. Unfortunately, the answer to my first question above was a resounding, “No. You will not win a single drawing.” Oh well. I also checked each of my email accounts daily, wondering when I would hear from some of these org......
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