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Two Ways You Can Stress Out Your Vendor Relationships

We started receiving requests to post anonymous posts on our Multifamily ShareSpace group, which we are happy to do, and today, we were asked to post an anonymous blog!  I can tell you I have heard similar thoughts from others on these topics, so this is definitely not an isolated incident.  Please chime in within the comments on your perspective of this issue.     I have two thoughts I would like to offer anonymously to the group from a vendors perspective.  I have been on all sides of the desk from on-site to corporate management to now a vendor.  As a vendor I obviously don’t want to come off as complaining, but would like to offer some perspective to a couple of issues.   1) The importance of vendor payments and their timeliness.  Many people look at vendor businesses as vast institutions with deep pockets, and some are.  But a great many are small companies that depend on those payments to meet their day to day obligations.  Management side employees who are responsible for getting vendor payments processed would be very upset by even a day or two delay in receiving their weekly paychecks.  Yet, sometimes they lack in getting vendors invoices processed on a timely basis not realizing the trickle down effect it can have on a business’s bottom line. Those payments are not only our paychecks but also reimbursements for expenses we front in order to complete a job for them. Down payments help offset expenses, but don’t help if th......
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Vendors: Get on My Good Side and Win My Business

Vendors: Get on My Good Side and Win My Business
Property management professionals have to maintain successful relationships with a variety of people: fiduciary relationships with owners, tenant relations, and vendor relations. Relationships with vendors are arguably as important as having a good relationship with one’s owners because we rely on vendors so heavily during the course of our business. Instead of writing a ‘self-help’ article geared for the property management professional (which there are plenty), I decided to focus on that vendor who is trying to gain my business. During my decade of property management experience, I have noted several pitfalls for vendors, as well as ways they can earn “brownie points”.  Vendors take note! This article should be particularly useful as it is coming not from another vendor, but an actual property manager. Vendor Drop Ins. I get it. Instead of the cold call in which you will be immediately dismissed by a site manager, you want to meet him/her face to face and make a good impression and introduce your business. You plan several communities to visit over the weekend and on Monday you make your visits. Bad move. Why? On any given Monday property managers are dealing with issues that occurred over the weekend, following up on emails, and reporting for their owners. I for one have major reports due on Mondays, as well as payroll. The vendor that makes an unannounced visit at 9:30am Monday morning has immediately made a poor impression. My advice to you, the vendor: Mondays are the absolute worst day for you to “drop ......
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