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Craigslist: Back to Basics

Craigslist is free, and more of your apartment marketing peers are using it than ever before. Successful Craigslist posts are easier than you might think -- they start with being comprehensive and correct.

First, how's your title? Superlatives like SPECTACULAR APARTMENT! don't mean much unless they're accompanied by selling points like new kitchens, dogs welcome or free utilities.

Next, get the most from Craigslist by filling in the extra data they ask for, like location, laundry, street parking and bed/bath information. Add photos manually, even if your posting tool includes them. This takes time, but it helps you highlight the features renters are looking for, and makes it easier for them to find you with Craigslist search tools.

Proof your ad once. Twice. Then again. Are there spelling or formatting errors? Did you include a phone number?

Finally, go to Craigslist and manually search for your post. Don't rely on your posting tool to tell you it's live -- that doesn't necessarily mean it's visible on the site. If it's there, great; check for stray spelling or html errors. But if you can't find it, delete your post and try again with a different ad or from a different account. If it still doesn't appear, you may need to re-think your posting strategy -- and that's the subject of next month's post.

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Great post! Craigslist can generate up-to 30% of our website's total traffic on its best day. Last week I have 318 hits with 101 from Craigslist. This demonstrates how vital it is to utilize this free, accessible, and universally recognized website.

Make sure to include at least one picture so your ad does not get filtered out also.

Thanks for your insight Ellen!

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Thanks, Mike. I know there have been a ton of posts about Craigslist, but it seemed like it was time to remind people about the basics again. I also agree that you need to post at least one photo. That seems to get forgotten by people using posting tools and it's necessary to increase visibility in a couple of CL's views.

  Ellen Thompson

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