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Is it time to quit your job?

Do you love your job?

Are you ignoring signs that are telling you it is time to move on? I know that it may seem better to stay put and keep dragging yourself out of bed to go to work-it really isn't. Trust me.

So, let's talk about the "signs", making a decision and how to take the next steps. Join me today for a very candid talk. This may be exactly what you need to hear!

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Wonderful Career Advancement Tip From Apartment Hacker, Mike Brewer

I ran across a video from Mike Brewer who shared advice that he gives to all those who ask how to grow their career in the multifamily industry.  How can they improve their career path?  Take a moment to listen to Mike's great advice:  (Starts at 0:40)

Although both tips are fantastic, that first tip really perked my ears up.  The people who do an amazing job of advancing in this industry don't advance because they do a good job at handling the easiest properties - they advance because they know how to tackle the most difficult of challenges.  The skills you obtain by pushing yourself into a difficult property are so much more powerful compared to handling a property that runs without too many problems.  

Also, not only are you building your advanced skill set, but you are also making yourself known to the leaders in your company, showing that you are the type of person to take on any challenge.  The world is filled with employees who do just enough to get by - the ones who excel show they are determined to take on new responsibilities and excel.

I hope you enjoyed Mike's advice as much as I did!

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Is It Really The Best Idea To Make That Superstar Leasing Consultant an Assistant Property Manager?

Is It Really The Best Idea To Make That Superstar Leasing Consultant an Assistant Property Manager?
The apartment industry has a very consistent career path:  Leasing Consultants get promoted to assistant property managers, who then get promoted to property managers and beyond.  Essentially, we take someone with strong sales skill sets and then push them into a role that is highly administrative.  And then we take that administrative employee and give them a management and leadership role.  But does that really make sense?  A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to sit down with Lauren Curley of Bonaventure Realty Group, which has 26 properties across 3 states, and she shared some interesting things they are testing at four communities, with plans to expand to the rest of their portfolio in the coming months.    Leasing Consultants Are Promoted Along a Leasing Track In the end, we often promote leasing consultants because they are good at what they do, but that pushes them into positions that may not match their skill sets.  So Bonaventure has transitioned to a system where leasing positions have their own track.  So leasing consultants are promoted to higher level leasing positions that receive better leasing commissions, without necessarily forcing them into an administrative or management role if it doesn't fit.  Bonaventure keeps the best leasing consultants actually leasing apartments, the function that they thrive in.   Goodbye "Jack of all Trades", and Hello Focused Skill Sets Our industry has long been proud that its onsite team members are a "jack of all trades", but there are significant drawbacks.  Our team members often feel......
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