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A Case For Helping 'Stupid' Customers

A Case For Helping 'Stupid' Customers
  Not too long ago I received a letter from an airline asking me to try out their “platinum” upgrade for a couple of months, for free. As part of this upgrade trial I’d receive free seat upgrades when available and access to the airline’s airport lounge. Needless to say, I was very excited about sitting in first class and being able to sip free adult beverages before my flights.  Then I did something stupid … I accidentally started my free trial before I wanted to (it’s a long story) which meant that the flights that I had coming up that would have enabled me to take advantage of my (temporary) “baller status” would come after my trial upgrade had expired.  The baller becomes the blockhead! After years of working in customer service, I had now become one of those customers who did something wrong-and wanted the airline to do something about it. (What do people say about payback being a …. ?)  I contacted the airline and explained what had happened and wanted to know if they’d grant me an exception to their policy, as a customer service gesture. Basically, I wanted them to extend my free upgrade by a week so I could take at least one flight in luxury. They told me no. Twice.  In the second email I received I was told by the customer service representative that “As I mentioned previously, if we grant you this exception, it would be unfair to everyone else who has complied by the terms......
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