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Top 5 Turn Issues and How to Solve Them

Top 5 Turn Issues and How to Solve Them
What a Summer!! Turns are behind us and now, it’s time to assess what we did, how we did it, and how we can improve the process and resident experience for next time.  We experienced a lot with property managers over these last few months and wanted to share some of that knowledge.  We’ll share the insight to various methods customers used to solve such issues as: Sharing inspection information to drive turn activities Sending orders to your suppliers easily and accurately Ensuring turn expenses are on track and within budget Coordinating work amongst suppliers and staff Capturing resident charges for damages While these issues are much more difficult to solve within the student housing market, all property managers experience some degree of frustration with their turn process.   Sharing inspection information to drive turn activities When you find a problem during an inspection, it usually leads to some sort of action. Perhaps your staff can fix the issue.  Possibly, there are services and supplies required from a supplier and maybe you need to charge the resident for damages.  Each of these resulting activities require your staff to take action based upon the inspection results.  We’ve seen property staff execute inspections then separately regenerate the data to send to suppliers or service vendors.  The efficient ones use solutions that allow them to reuse captured inspection data to either purchase an item or task a service supplier.  Turn season is very hectic, but fortunately there are different approaches to support the process; each ......
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