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The Most Expensive US Cities for Renters

The Most Expensive US Cities for Renters

If you want to live in the beautiful city of Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, prepare yourself to make a huge spending on your rentals. Zumper, a rental listing company puts forth the statistics where San Francisco tops the rentals in the nation.

Here are the top 10 most expensive cities in the US:
1. San Francisco The rental for 1 bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $3,590.
2. New York
This march the prices rose by 1.8% in the New York City. The rentals for 1 bedroom apartment are now $3,340.
3. Boston
Boston, Massachusetts’ capital has taken an upswing to $2,310.
4. Oakland
Oakland prices have reached $2,280 for a median one bedroom apartment.
5. San Jose
It is a hub of technology belonging to the Silicon Valley and has its 1 bedroom rental of about $2,270.
6. Washington
One bedroom apartment rent for Washington is about $2,200.
7. Los Angeles
Los Angeles is where the nation’s television and film industry belongs, so it is not surprising to know that the price for 1 bedroom apartment is $1,970.
8. Miami
Prices have increased by 8.6%, thus, making Miami secure the 8th most expensive city.
9. Chicago
The city is well known for its bold architecture and has its rentals of about $1,790.
10. Seattle
Seattle, the seaport city has over 704,352 residents with a rental of $1,750.

Which cities are growing the fastest in the US?

The data collected by the US census Bureau in the year 2015 and 2016 reflects that south region has its population growing at a rapid pace.
The Texans have a single direction, GO big! The list of the fastest growing cities has 4 cities of the Texas securing the top four positions.

The 15 Fastest Growing Cities are:
1. Conroe City, Texas (pop. 82, 286)
2. Frisco, Texas (pop. 163,656)
3. McKinney, Texas (pop. 172,298)
4. Greenville, South Carolina (pop. 67,453)
5. Georgetown, Texas (pop. 67,140)
6. Bend, Oregon (pop. 91,122)
7. Buckeye, Arizona (pop. 64,629)
8. Bonita Springs, Florida (pop. 54,198)
9. New Braunfels, Texas (pop. 73,959)
10. Murfreesboro, Tennessee (pop. 131,947)
11. Lehi, Utah (pop. 61,130)
12. Cedar Park, Texas (pop. 68,918)
13. Meridian, Idaho (pop. 95,623)
14. Ankeny, Iowa (pop. 58,627)
15. Fort Myers, Florida (pop. 77,146)

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