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Disclaimer: My views are my own and are not representative of any Management Company. I am an independent-thinking real estate professional specializing in reinventing challenged properties. COS;CAM.
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  • Hi Brent, Interesting topic to me as I have been researching the different issues, problems, and results in renting from a management company versus renting from a private landlord. There are far more maintenance benefits when renting from a professi
    komento 1 day ago
  • Anne, so true!!! But we do all leasing online and have little in person contact with our Applicants. So, emailing and phone calls are supplemental without the same benefit/effect. Do you have any ideas to help with those that lease entirely online (b
    komento 3 days ago
  • Great suggestions, Jay. What has amazed me are the number of residents who complain later that receiving the "unsolicited advice" was rude and offensive. I think when Managers offer information on where to go for help, it is not meant to be offensive
    komento 3 days ago
  • Brent, I too, would be very careful to consider a payday loan or even to suggest it as the pitfalls are well known. However, as I said, one manager I know has offered this suggestion with success. What I see often are those that would never be able t
    komento 3 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Late Rent' in the forum.
    Hi Jim,

    Every state has laws specifying when to send, what the notice should say, etc. Most landlords get that form from their attorneys, if there is no management company that provides it. It's pretty standard. Also include the words, "and all occupants, et al" so everyone is evicted at the same...
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    kunena.post 15 days ago
  • "Is it possible the underperforming employee is doing so because the job doesn’t match their best skills?" I love this statement/question! Rather than looking at someone and judging the person as being or becoming "burned out" THAT is the red flag in
    komento 32 days ago
  • Wow, Rose! I am sorry to hear this, and it is along the lines of the online group comments I read. If that happened to me, I would be somewhat traumatized and would think long and hard if I wanted to stay in the industry. What is really a shame is lo
    komento 33 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'New Property Manager' in the forum.
    Hi Amy,

    First of all, yay! Got a new position! I always like to acquaint myself with the office and knowing where everything is and how to find what I cannot find. Organization is the key. So, if you need the Make Ready Board, get one. Maybe with a smaller property, you won't need a large board. I...
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    kunena.post 78 days ago
  • Some management companies are utilizing the NAA lease with has an addendum restricting the option of a resident subletting for short periods of time, including Airbnb. However, for student housing properties, especially when close to the campus and have huge football programs, we used Game Day...
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    kunena.post 106 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Rent Collection Advice Needed' in the forum.
    Hi Tara,

    It's tough to be the new sheriff in town. I would suggest posting a new Rent Collection Policy Notice on every unit's door that outlines the policy in bullet points, which is easier to read than a bunch of words, though you can and should quote the lease at the bottom. As for residents...
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    kunena.post 106 days ago
  • Don't despair. Sometimes the person doing the interviewing is "not in charge of the follow up" because the company's HR department is. And, as we know, while a candidate anxious for feedback, the HR person may be bogged down dealing with a hundred issues a week. If the DM, RPM, or community manager...
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    kunena.post 141 days ago