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Disclaimer: My views are my own and are not representative of any Management Company. I am an independent-thinking real estate professional specializing in reinventing challenged properties. COS;CAM.
Historic Buildings, Houses, all things Southern, & Art
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  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Improvements in Invoice Payment?' in the forum.
    This is a typical scenario, Brent. Most onsite staff processing invoices would not forget about it, as they should be checking their systems to see that the invoice was paid monthly. At the very least, I keep a file with processed invoices which I check against sent checks, etc. Once I see a check...
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    kunena.post 48 days ago
  • If I have to keep giving notices to residents, then I start charging everyone a $50 fine. For example, we recently had a building door broken at the closure. I had it fixed and posted notes on all the building residents' doors. Hummmm. Then it happened again. Had the door repaired again and cost...
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    kunena.post 62 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Tenant trouble' in the forum.
    Yes, check your lease. However, it seems to me that Tenant 1 is definitely responsible for the cost of repairs (in my experience I have always charged back for the costs) and issue a 30-day Quit or Cure for disturbing the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of Tenant 2 (especially and even though they have...
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    kunena.post 62 days ago
  • I LOVE newsletters and this is no secret. I LOVE the newsletters I create with personalized content directly related to a specific property. Those have always been highly regarded by residents and they like them enough to ask for copies to send to parents, etc. because they have been featured in an...
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    kunena.post 91 days ago
  • True. Dealing with the difficult situations allow us to grow and learn as managers, etc. The hardest thing, and I get this, is when a resident's circular thinking interferes with one's ability to communicate in a way the resident finally understands.
    komento 91 days ago
  • A few years ago during the recession, I suggested exactly the same thing regarding the "freebie," and was strung up by my thumbs for it, though I have stood by that every day anyway. I agree 100% with everything you have written.
    komento 97 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'How To Avoid Hiring Smokers' in the forum.
    When an existing property has not had a Smoke Free designation ever (which could mean for 30+ years for some communities) it would be the Owners' decision to create such a designation. In some states where smoking is almost a rite of passage, there may be many residents who are smokers. It is easier...
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    kunena.post 101 days ago
  • Thanks, Julia! Do you have any stress relieving tips you or your Corporate Office use to ease onsite teams?
    komento 101 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Running Applications' in the forum.
    Amanda, your company should be providing a Resident Selection Criteria to every property manager. There should be something in writing in the leasing office, too, that can be given to applicants so they know what is looked at regarding their background (credit/criminal). Applicants whose...
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    kunena.post 106 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'How To Avoid Hiring Smokers' in the forum.
    What about simply being a designated non-smoking office/shop? I once worked for a real estate company that had such a designation. I agree that smokers tend to take a lot more breaks than non-smokers, but I have not deliberately NOT hired someone who smokes. Usually we as a company stress the health...
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    kunena.post 106 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Portland Rent Increase & Relocation Expenses?' in the forum.
    Hummm. Turn about is fair play - if residents don't renew their lease, do they have to pay a non-renewal Fee? Sounds like it is difficult to be a multifamily property owner and/or manager in Portland!
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    kunena.post 106 days ago
  • A recent post online:   “I’d love to show up to a tenant’s job and cause a scene like they do in the leasing office.
    easyblog 109 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Late Rent' in the forum.
    It's a new year, Amanda, so now you and your Manager can set to work to correct the lax collection policy. Since Ownership is fine with creating a possible occupancy issue when evictions add up, then start with what the Lease says. Send out a letter to every single resident with what the Rent...
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    kunena.post 124 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Looking for a "Team Player?"' in the forum.
    Perry, you cannot assume what another thinks without talking to that person. Talk to your manager.
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    kunena.post 124 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp added a new comment in Finding The Lost Prospects
    Every application we process is given an approval, decline, approved with conditions or canceled status within 72-hours for most properties in my experience. When applicants do not lease, we provide a reason in the software system so Corporate knows
    komento 124 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Looking for a "Team Player?"' in the forum.
    I do not know a Manager who does not consult with Maintenance when planning budgets and deciding how to align Owner's goals to meet the budget and needs of the property/residents. That, that takes teamwork. The only time this would not take place is if the maintenance tasks are all contracted out...
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    kunena.post 129 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp added a new comment in The Secret Weapon
    I LOVE this blog! What a great story and the point is well written. Thanks for sharing!
    komento 129 days ago