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Disclaimer: My views are my own and are not representative of any Management Company. I am an independent-thinking real estate professional specializing in reinventing challenged properties. COS;CAM.
Historic Buildings, Houses, all things Southern, & Art
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  • Tuesday, 15 November 2011 09:25
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  • Recently on an invoice from our trash service provider I noticed an extra charge of $254 for a

    easyblog 4 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp added a new comment in Tattoo Stigma in Multifamily
    Truthfully, what turns me off in the photo is the wife-beater tank the guy's wearing. I saw that first, then the tattoos.
    komento 5 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Slow Season- Leasing Staff' in the forum.
    This is the perfect time to emphasize any online LMS courses they can take, and/or attend any in person leasing trainings, and take the online NALP class. As a teacher, there is no reason for someone to be "bored." That is THEIR problem - I would take the time to start training them on some duties...
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    kunena.post 12 days ago
  • When I was in fifth grade we studied American Civics (haha, they called it civics back in the day!) As a lesson in elections, because that year was an election year, our teacher held a mock election for class president. And I wanted to be the PRESIDE
    komento 23 days ago
  • That's a perfect example. Stephanie, of keeping someone your instinct tells you to get rid of, but they fulfill a purpose in the company and do so well enough, it's hard to justify letting them go. I completely understand! People who lie without rega
    komento 23 days ago
  • Thanks, Mary! I was actually attending a Neighborhood Association meeting the other night where we discussed the shortage of capable workers in certain industries and believe it or not, the RV and property management industries were NUMBER 1 on the l
    komento 32 days ago
  • A key mulligan is a great one, hahaha!
    komento 32 days ago
  • Thank you, Anne!
    komento 37 days ago
  • I can't say for sure, but it does seem that many of us are not terribly self-aware, so taking the time to analyze our behavior is left undone - maybe out of fear of what we will discover. For me, when I cannot make the situation better because I have
    komento 65 days ago
  • OOOOOOHHHHH, yes, try the webinars! They provide great info in an equally energizing way. Also, attend any kind of Apartment Association trainings that may be offered in person locally. Lisa Trosien was just here in South Bend, IN and the cost was $0 for us as members of the Apartment Association....
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    kunena.post 78 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'What's Your Average Cost Per Lead?' in the forum.
    It depends on how many qualified leads you get from the source and whether or not those leads are being converted into appointments and leases. It also depends on if you have vacant units to rent. Some properties exercise a very tight lease expiration management system. I know I've been asked if $50...
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    kunena.post 79 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'File Audits' in the forum.
    Marysol, there are consultants out there who you can hire to perform these functions for both affordable and conventional portfolios. US Housing Consultants is one you could contact to learn more. (I just did a simple Google Search.) There are lots of consultants out there that can do this. You can...
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    kunena.post 79 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp added a new comment in Help! I Don't Like My Boss!
    I'm surprised no one has commented on your post, Rommel, because on Facebook people comment all the time about how they don't like theirs or their coworkers. I can only speak for myself. I find that if the boss micromanages relentlessly, no matter ho
    komento 94 days ago