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Disclaimer: My views are my own and are not representative of any Management Company. I am an independent-thinking real estate professional specializing in reinventing challenged properties. COS;CAM.
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  • Tuesday, 15 November 2011 09:25
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  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Permit Only Resident Parking' in the forum.
    I just made an announcement that our community was implementing a permit parking system. I outlined what the Resident was expected to do to comply so their vehicle was not towed.
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    kunena.post 3 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Lease contract' in the forum.
    I have not experienced a problem with this. Often, the lease contract is created on one date and signed on a different date. However, I suppose in different states this might not be upheld; it's never been brought up in any matter before a court in which I have attended.
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    kunena.post 33 days ago
  • My experience has been similar. I have asked to whom to send this 3rd party verification and 90% of the time, the Prospect or Resident drop the matter completely. For those that accept the verification process, the matter is quickly handled and I have had no problems at all.
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    kunena.post 38 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp thanks user 'anne' in the forum message ' Support Animal vs Service Animal - Is there difference?'.
    kunena.thankyou 38 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp thanks user 'Aptdoctor' in the forum message ' Support Animal vs Service Animal - Is there difference?'.
    kunena.thankyou 38 days ago
  • I hear a lot of people tell me when they come in to talk about renting, that they STAY somewhere. Too many people say, they LIVE somewhere and I find that so strange. I stay at a hotel or an AirBNB, but I live at home. Does anyone else encounter that
    komento 60 days ago
  • Now, THIS is a great article! Loved it, Lori! It is very true, it is hard for a new hire to ask for help, especially if one has done so in the past and was quickly rebuffed or told to go ask someone else, or worse, no one ever responded. Yikes. I lik
    komento 87 days ago
  • The most likely solution would be getting a package notification program, such as installing parcel lockers, etc. that send texts to residents alerting them their package is safely tucked inside a parcel locker bin. There are all kinds of multifamily
    komento 97 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Excessive noise or not?' in the forum.
    First off, it would be great if people understood instinctively what "apartment living noises" sound like, hahaha! How long has this person been a resident (the one in the 3rd floor unit)? It feels to me like she hasn't a clue about shared living spaces.

    Once a resident, right or wrong, complains,...
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    kunena.post 97 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'How to respond when asked about price' in the forum.
    I know in our area, only rent RANGES are listed on websites, except on Craigslist where a particular unit is being advertised. So,it is completely understandable for someone to call and blurt out a question on the price. I always counter with, "Is price your only consideration when selecting your...
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    kunena.post 116 days ago
  • Hi, Mel! I'm not sure. Straight up, it depends on the management company. I once was told once a small portfolio reaches more than 500 units, they start entertaining the thought of having a Senior Property Manager who assumes this role of oversight. Once there are 1500+, the move toward a...
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    kunena.post 116 days ago
  • Finding Property Managers can be difficult no matter what kind of property an owner has. I think the best way to find someone you can trust is through word-of-mouth. However, to find someone willing to jump in feet first and take on a hard property c
    komento 116 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Maintenance Test' in the forum.
    Look for it tomorrow, Tim.
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    kunena.post 159 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Maintenance Test' in the forum.
    I do have something you can use. Just message me with your email and I can send it.
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    kunena.post 176 days ago
  • That is an excellent suggestion, Stacy! I've also had residents do auto pay each pay period so half the amount of the rent is "set aside" so when the first rolls around, they have the money.
    komento 176 days ago
  • Hi Brent, Interesting topic to me as I have been researching the different issues, problems, and results in renting from a management company versus renting from a private landlord. There are far more maintenance benefits when renting from a professi
    komento 182 days ago