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Identifying Threats from Within: Annual Screening of Employees

Identifying Threats from Within: Annual Screening of Employees

Managing a successful business is no easy feat when you factor in risks such as competition, inventory and staffing. What many businesses don’t take into account is the liabilities they may face from current staff who may have been involved in illicit activities outside of work. Employees with inclinations towards activities that violate company policy rely upon the fact that their job will stop looking into their background once they are hired. Annual updates of personnel records that include the same background check you perform upon hiring is something that many companies overlook, but can have a significant positive impact on overall operations.

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Afternoon Delight In the Workplace

The law of attraction may not be legislated by Congress, but should it be legislated in property management? Spring is in the air and with it, comes certain restlessness for those who may not be in a committed relationship. Sometimes, it happens to those who are in a committed relationship. But the thing is: does your company draw a line in the sand, or has it given up even trying to regulate dating in the workplace? Passion, infatuation, chemistry – they’re all terms describing the fact that what a heart wants sometimes makes people do things they may later regret. This is the season for love and romance. How does your policy attempt to control these urges to flirt? There may be no “touchier” subject than trying to dictate who you can see outside of the office, or in this case, property management company. Do you allow your Maintenance Technician/Supervisor to date a resident? What about the Leasing Consultant/Manager? Are the decision makers in upper management allowed to date a Vendor such as the Publisher/Sales Rep of the local apartment guide book or internet service provider? Is a Regional (Property Manager, Marketing Specialist) able to date the VP? When is this considered to be a conflict of interest? It is always a potential conflict of interest. Relationships like those mentioned here, place your organization at risk of misinterpretation and of financial conflicts of interest. They quite possibly place you, your company and your company’s reputation at risk of Fair Housing lawsuits. Consider......
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