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Giving Back: Shoe Recycling

used shoesDuring the holiday season many businesses, including apartments, host charity events in the spirit of giving back. With the state of the economy some residents may not have extra cash to contribute to many causes this year. Ideal Bite, one of my fav going-green blogs, has a suggested giving back project that I think would be a fun/easy resident project. Is figuring out what to do with your used kicks a total mystery? Here's a clue: Donate your old footwear to a reuse or recycling program to save landfill space or help out someone in need. Nice work, gumshoe. The Benefits: - You'll create less waste while cleaning out your closet - Reuse-A-Shoe alone has kept more than 23 million pairs of shoes out of the dump. - Every pair helps - gently worn shoes can outfit feet in the developing world, while shabby ones can be made into surfacing for things like tennis courts. Wanna Try: - Nike Reuse-A-Shoe - drop off any brand of ratty athletic shoes, and the company'll grind 'em up into surfaces for playgrounds, tennis courts, and tracks. - Soles4Souls - donate used-but-useable pairs to people in developing countries by dropping your shoes off at a nearby drop spot, or shipping them. - One World Running - donate near-new athletic shoes to cash-poor sports players. Do you normally have a giving back project on property during the holidays? Do you know of any other creative ways to contribute this year without much spending out of pocket?___________________________________________________Elysa......
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Big Belly Solar - Apartment Trash gone Wildly Green

I thought it might be appropriate to pause from posting on marketing and leasing for a bit by featuring a cool product.

To preface - I have no direct affiliation with this Big Belly Solar nor have I seen it in action but it does hit my cool button. Not only that, it appears to be something that fits the apartment industry and its effort to be green. 

Here is a quick blurb from their website:  

The BigBelly® Solar Compactor is a patented compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered. Instead of requiring a grid connection, BigBelly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs.  [Check out the video and website


The makers of BigBelly thought of everything from text messaging current levels of trash to customization and monetization:

I think these guys are on to something... what about you?  





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To recycle or not to recycle...there is NO question

What is it going to take to get our industry to join the recycling movement?  Notice I didn't say trend, because recycling is here to stay!  If we don't go willingly, eventually we will be forced...so we had just as well jump on the bandwagon now.  Every time I talk to clients about this, I hear "we have no place for a bin, we have to pay for it ourselves and we can't afford it."  So it is sort of I want everyone else to save Mother Earth, just not me.  Every publication is filled with 'green' articles.  And it is going to take time to get there...however recycling is the easiest and fastest way to start.  And why should you?  If I can't convince you that the environment is desperate for this change, maybe I can hit you in the wallet.  When surveyed, most apartment renters prefer to lease from a community that recycles...especially the Gen Y and X age group.  It appears that it isn't only lack of space for recycling bins, or lack of funds that are issues.  The real truth is that we need more education, and better communication.  I just read an article about a state that is considering pulling the recycling program from multifamily...after giving it a try, the complaints from owners about cost, the uneducated residents who put garbage in the recycling bin and contaminate the entire bin, the lack of communication between the city managemnet in charge of recycling and the owners, the recycling truck drivers who......
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"Going, Going, Going, Gone Green"

I'm a hippie at heart.  In third grade, I decided that ecology was cool and have pretty much been hooked on saving the dolphins and trees ever since.  I didn't know it was science until I was way too far sucked in to decide it was too hard to understand.  Science is sneaky that way.  But, to me, dolphins and trees are totally worth it.You've got $11 in your community budget for this one!The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet one Simple Step at a TimeNo doubt you already know that going green is a great trend in multi-family housing, as it is in most industries.  The planet isn't going to last forever, and it seems that the grand majority of Americans out there are finally understanding this.  Maybe it's that I live in hippie central up here in Seattle, but there's just no disputing that tree hugging is in.  It makes people feel good, and now anyone can be "green" without wearing itchy burlap or eating a bunch of tofu.For apartments though, it can seem complicated.  Building "green" doesn't pay off for about 20 years.  Changing out your community's windows runs in the thousands of dollars.  Compact florescent light bulbs don't have the same immediate brightness that you get with incandescents which can lead to a poor presentation of the home, and the bulbs, while they last for up to 7 years, are definitely not the cheapest to implement community wide.All that said, people are basing buying......
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